How to Make Your Blowout Last for 30 Days on Natural Hair

Blowout season is upon us. The fall and winter months are great times to wear your hair straight without being concerned about your roots reverting. And if you are like me, going to a professional for a blowout or a silk press is a must. But this style can cost you $70-130 depending on your length, hair density (fullness) and any additional add-ons like a trim or conditioning treatment. Since we all work hard for our money, I know you will appreciate my tried and true tips to make your blowout last for 30 days.

At night, you must pin curl.

I know we’ve been wearing wraps since forever, but the pin curl technique will change the life of your blowout. You can do this by parting your hair in two down the middle and then separating each side into 2-4 large sections. Gently roll your hair up towards your scalp and secure it with a bobby pin. As you move into week 2, using a small amount of argan oil or jojoba oil to each section is the chef’s kiss.When you take your hair down in the morning, you’ll have light, bouncy hair with body!

Pull it in a bun.

If you work out regularly or plan on doing anything that can make you sweat, this is for you. Pull your hair in a high ponytail and loosely wrap it into bun, securing it with a hair pin. Keep your hair dry and cool during a workout with a Gymwrap created by Nicole Ari Parker. If you can’t wait and need an alternative today, I got you! Use a mesh or partial headband on your hair perimeter to absorb moisture. Most importantly with both options, allow your body to cool down and your head to stop perspiring before removing either wrap to maintain that blowout for 30 days.


Finally, and without fail, consistently repeat step 1 every night. You will recognize by week 3 your hair has more weight, due to the added oils both naturally produced by our scalp and the bottled oils I suggested above. This is good as your hair will continue to shine and have a bounce by resetting nightly. If difficulties arise due to scalp buildup, do purchase a dry shampoo and follow the directions. Then, continue to reset your hair using pin curls to make that shiny and bouncy blowout last for 30 days.

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